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Athletics Gianmarco Tampere in the Olympic final!  Coming up with important names - OA Sport

Athletics Gianmarco Tampere in the Olympic final! Coming up with important names – OA Sport

Gianmarco Tampere stamps the card and qualifies for the Olympic high jump final Tokyo 2021. Blue reaches minimum goal tonight and earns comeback On the podium on Sunday, August 1 (12.10 Italian time), when chasing the medal in five circles. By his own admission, it wasn’t a commendable run and the jumps weren’t great, but the important thing was that qualifications were passed and the goal was reached without the need to exaggerate. The rallies passed 2.28 on the second try, after making the only foul of his day (previously 2.17, 2.21, 2.25 on the first try).

The ninth place for the blue, but everyone who admitted jumped on the same scale: Thirteen people qualified for the final, and it was decided not to proceed at 2.30 (the rule was set on the eve) for a further rapid transition of the roster to 12 participants. This is the first professional Olympic final for the 29-year-old, who was absent at Rio 2016 due to the severe injury he sustained on the eve of Monte Carlo (in the evening when he set the Italian record of 2.39) and which eliminated London 2012 in qualifying. In a couple of days, we will definitely need to improve the quality of your work If you really want to fight for a place on the podium. Renamed half shave He doesn’t seem to quite score the race and doesn’t seem completely flexible when approaching the crossbar, but his natural talent could easily allow him to turn around all of a sudden.

The Russians fell on the clear path Mikhail AkimenkoQatari Moataz Issa Barshim (world champion) and Canadian Django Lovett. They also liked “Mister Salto” JOvughn Harrison (The American we will also see in the long jump with important ambitions), the New Zealander Hamish Care and Australian Brandon Stark. Japan’s Naoto Tobi, American Shelby McQueen, South Korean Sangyuk Woo and Britain’s Tom Gill all made it through the cut. Two big players were announced on the eve of the match, the Russian, a bit Ilya Ivanyuk (2.37 per season and saved for the broken hat) and Belarusian Maxim Nidasekow (2.37 in 2021, the European indoor champion beat Tampere in an unforgettable final duel).

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The luxury filters really stand out: Ukrainian Andriy Protsenko (2.40 and 2.34 of the season), Mexico’s Edgar Rivera, Syria’s Mohjaddin Ghazal (Bronze at the 2017 World Championships), Germany’s Mateusz Przybylko (European outdoor champion in 2018), Bahamas Donald stranded by Thomas noisily at 2.28 (Protsenko closes at 2.25) and 2.24 (others stop at 2.21). Our Stefano Sottile made his debut beating 2.17, but then made two fouls at 2.21 He decided to retire, declaring that he had difficulty walking.

Gianmarco Tampere told RAI Microphones:Today the important thing was qualifying, but it wasn’t a good race. I had great sensations warming up, and then I had to change the hole. The jumps were all bad, from first to last. He was better in training. The important thing is to jump well in the final. I’ve given my soul to be here in recent years: if I take back everything that was an infinite road, I’m so glad to be here to play my cards“.

Photo: La Presse