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Weekend beaches, what will the weather be like along the Italian coasts and sea temperature «3B Meteo

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Beaches weekend weather
Beaches weekend weather

Uneasy weekend in the north and Tuscany, better in the center of the south – Weekend with two faces to the north: Saturday’s abundant bright spells alternate with local cloud covers, while Sunday is marked by marked instability with alternating partial bright spells and Bathing in Liguria, Tuscany and Veneto. On the latter, the possibility of Some thunderstorms, especially between noon and evening. Saturday is nice but Sunday changes in Romania with possible showers During the day. in a Sardinia The weekend will be characterized by high clouds and showers, especially on Sunday. It will go best along the coasts of the south-central regions where the dangers of precipitation are avoided but, especially between regions Lazio, Campania and the middle of the AdriaticWe will see the passage of high clouds.

Saturday sea weather – the prevailing sun Along the Italian coasts, the only exception to Liguria and Sardinia During the afternoon hours, there will be a gradual increase in cloud cover as the risk of precipitation decreases. In addition, the High clouds pass between the Upper Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic during the afternoon hours. Between evening and night, there is a tendency to exacerbate on the coasts of Liguria, Veneto and Friuli, with the possibility of severe thunderstorms. Watch for sudden gusts of wind during storm surges.

Sunday sea weather – Sunday will open under the banner Showers and thunderstorms between Liguria, Tuscany, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia and Veneto, where is the hail danger Tendency to improve between afternoon and evening. variable in Romania between the sun, irregular clouds and quick showers. veiled sky High clouds along the coasts of Lazio and the coasts of the Middle Adriatic, where they are not excluded local rains. great heat and The sun rises along the southern coasts السواحلHigh humidity keeps temperatures high as well الحرارة During the night. Also of note are the winds in the reinforcements coming from the southern quadrants, especially between the Upper Tyrrhenian and Ligurian, and rotating towards the end of the day from the west. Beware of any sudden gusts of wind during Storm episodes.

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water temperature The frequent heat in the past few weeks over the Mediterranean also has an effect on sea temperatures. Values above 30°C The surface water is expected to Lower Tyrrhenian and Western sectors of the Ionian Sea. Slightly lower values On the Lower Adriatic and the Middle Eastern IonianWhile the surface water temperature of the upper middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ligurian Sea was It will swing between 23°C and 27°C. The surface water of the sea Sardinia, the Sicily Channel and the middle of the upper Adriatic Instead, it will swing between 26°C and 27°C.

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