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Never throw away the pits of these fruits: use them this way and your plants will thank you

Never throw away the pits of these fruits: use them this way and your plants will thank you

Did you know that if you want to give your plants comfort, you should never throw away the pits? It will be very important!

Now we all have many plants of all kinds in our house or balcony. There are spring ones that bloom wonderfully in this period, those that are evergreen even in winter, those that are fleshy, those that are tropical, and so on. Each of them needs its own care and attention. Especially water and natural fertilizers.

In this regard, let's see together It is a fruit that, through its stone, can give relief to our plants. You will be truly amazed and will never miss it again!

The stone you don't have to throw away: your plants will thank you

every dayAs a snack or after lunch and dinner, We eat really delicious and juicy fruits Which tends to brighten our day, gives us more energy and lots of vitamins and fills us up, and avoid eating fast food. But it happens that it is not edible, Many of the stones of these fruits are discarded And he was eliminated forever, making a big mistake.

An example of that for sure Avocado stone. The latter has so many nutritional properties that it would be a real waste to get rid of it. But how can they be so beneficial to our plants?

Avocado pit plants
Avocado kernel is ideal for plants (

being Rich in vitamins, magnesium and potassium, Placing it in the ground is sure to give great relief to older plants and helps younger plants to grow strong, lush and beautiful. But how do we put it in the ground? By following these steps:

  • Place the avocado stone in a bowl filled with water, covering it completely until it softens completely.
  • At this point, when completely softened, We cut it into many small piecesroughly to crush it and sprinkle it in our plants all over the ground;
  • We add a little water to make sure it penetrates the soil itself and that's it.
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The avocado pit, as we know, is very hard, so do not rush to break it immediately at the same time as you eat the fruit. Be very patient as it softens and you will see that little by little it will become easily treatable. At this point, all you have to do is equip yourself with a mortar (or if you don't have one at home, a food processor will do) and break it into very small pieces. It should become almost dustso he will act sooner.