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Teacher Barry was attacked in the classroom.  Chancellor: "Wrong version from him: He had inappropriate behaviours"

Teacher Barry was attacked in the classroom. Chancellor: “Wrong version from him: He had inappropriate behaviours”

The attack was carried out in the court premises to give a Note to a female student. It happened Barryto the company Ettore Majorana Hailing from San Paulo District. Professor of Law and Economics, Vincenzo Amoriswas slapped Two men were identified in the courtroom by police, who have decided The injustice done to the student should be avenged. A little while ago, the professor caught the girl who had entered the classroom late and started. Corriere del Mezzogiorno – “Disrupting the course of the lesson and encouraging other students to do the same”. Thus, the professor’s decision a Note For the student. The story is more complicated than the author suggests. As reported Handle from Principal Barry Company, Paola Petruzzella, the professor won’t exactly say the attack. To the manager “what he said was not true, he had – continues the manager – Conduct unbecoming a teacher“. The principal says he listened to his students, and from that, the student’s parents have filed a complaint with the Carabinieri in Bari, where – according to the principal – “other statements emerge”.

Author’s story

According to the author’s version, the attack would have taken place Last September 23, during the third hour of class. The professor caught the student’s behavior disrupting the law and economics lesson. When the teacher gave the note, the student promised Revenge. According to the author, revenge soon follows: two men, in fact, after entering the institution, attack and threaten the professor – and – and more. Retaliate If he admits the student again. “All with a great sense of helplessness and in the silence of the school staff. And not only that: those who beat me beat me too. reported “Do not allow me to re-admit the girl in future, lest I risk further punishment,” said the professor. Corriere del Mezzogiorno. The psychophysical conditions of the teacher, who returned to Puglia after 16 years of teaching in northern Italy, were “not like functioning again at school” after the occupation.

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