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“Appearances are deceiving” weather: what lies ahead?  Sotocorona forecast

“Appearances are deceiving” weather: what lies ahead? Sotocorona forecast

Everything is ready for next weekend. Spring has already begun and everyone is wondering if the sun will still shine this weekend. To illustrate and publish the latest weather forecasts, live from the Omnibus studio, is Paolo Sotocorona. “Sometimes appearances are deceiving”: this is the expression the expert uses when he speaks. He continued: “This strip of clouds appears completely white, and therefore cold. But in this case, the clouds are high and thin,” explaining that “the situation is high pressure.”

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The meteorologist said, “Today's forecasts partially correct previous forecasts: they indicate clouds that are not very dense,” then he reassured everyone and noted that “the weather is stable.” In fact, the clouds indicated on the map “give no precipitation.” Tomorrow “this goal of almost completely clear skies should be completed.” But on Sunday, “something comes back.” where? “Especially in the north.” However, there will be no “significant” rain. He added: “This line of clouds comes from the south, so the air is warmer.” As for the temperatures, they “have risen compared to yesterday.” In the center and south, they will remain “a little less.”

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