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Nobody can figure out why

Nobody can figure out why

A widely circulated video documents the unexplained behavior of a flock in the city of Baotou, Mongolia, in which hundreds of sheep are constantly moving in a clockwise direction.

The flock of sheep that walked in circles for 12 consecutive days / People’s Daily, China

A video filmed in the city of Baotou, in Mongolia, whose images document this, has sparked discussion Unjustified behaviour A flock of sheep moves continuously in a circle for twelve days.

No one can understand what drives hundreds of sheep to chase each other in a clockwise direction, starting with the owner of the flock, who explained to local media that the incomprehensible phenomenon was at the beginning It started with a few sheep, who began chasing each other by following a circular pattern in the enclosure, and then extended to the rest of the flock. Pictures, which the Chinese re-released People’s Dailya flock appears Seemingly healthyalthough the curious behavior has been going on since the beginning of November.

The owner of the herd, amazed at what was happening, explained that of the 34 sheep pens on her farm, only herd No. 13 had this mysterious behaviour.

Some experts suggest that it might be sign of stress Or a behavior caused by some infection, eg For example listeriosis, which can inflame part of the brain and make animals behave strangely. However, they have yet to come to a conclusion as to what actually causes the sheep to go in circles.

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