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An ingenious trick for digging up cherries using a simple pipette

An ingenious trick for digging up cherries using a simple pipette

Pitted cherries are useful in many dessert recipes, such as those for falls apart. Especially when there are a lot of cherries, removing the stone can take a long time. But using a simple hard plastic straw, and therefore not disposable, you can intervene to remove it without getting dirty and in the shortest possible time. In fact, if there are a lot of cherries to dig in, you may need to use more than one straw. For the simple reason that the former tends to weaken gradually. This little trick is very easy and takes just a few moments of time.

An ingenious trick for digging up cherries using a simple pipette

You have to take the cherry in your hand, and place it between your thumb and forefinger with one hand. The pressure applied must be minimal to avoid cracking and thus damaging the pulp. Take the straw with the other hand, and then push it with a sharp blow into the hollow part of the cherry, on which the stem is located. Keep pushing when you feel the gist. Thus, the straw itself will pull it out, creating a perfect channel. If you know how not to fluff, the sides of the cherries should remain intact as well, perhaps without removing too much of the pulp. Therefore, the stone will be removed and all that remains is to repeat the process with all the cherries to be dug. But the ingenious trick of pitting cherries with a simple pipette isn’t the only alternative to using a knife.

Alternatives to using hard straw

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Wooden sticks can also be useful in applying this method. The other alternative is one section. The process is similar. After catching the cherries as we recommended earlier, push one end of the paperclip into the part where the stem is. Then press until you find nub. Wrap the paperclip around the stone and pull it out, trying to remove as little pulp from the fruit as possible. Precisely for this reason, it is advised not to move the paperclip in a circular motion after pushing it inside the cherry.

Whether you choose the traditional method or the straw or paperclip method, you can avoid throwing stones that have been removed. Can be used to prepare liquor Homemade, simple and affordable for everyone.