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An evening in Gallarati to talk about space debris

In the context of philosophy: Inheritance – the work of the future The Vivere Crenna Association is organizing on Sunday, February 20th, at 11 am running, the Engineer Conference. Matteo Trotti titled: The Pollution Surgeon – The New Dimension of Sustainability in the D-Orbit Experiment.

space conquest It opens up scientific knowledge to us for practical use hitherto unimaginable. However, there are significant downsides: Where will space debris, made up of thousands of satellites and detection equipment, be left in orbit, once its functionality has been exhausted?

Recently, there is talk of the upcoming collision on the moon’s surface of a huge remnant The second stage of the Chinese mission Chang’e 5 T1 missile. It was also recently reported that a magnetic storm destroyed forty satellites of the Starlink project, which was launched by Elon Musk. The topic is of great interest and interest both scientifically and environmentally and the Vivere Crenna Society is pleased to contribute to the knowledge of the topic through this conference in which Eng. Matteo Trotti of D-Orbit, who follows every space mission, from design to return to Earth, will tell us about his experience.

Founded in 2011 in Vino Mornasco, with offices also in Portugal, UK and USA, D-Orbit aims to support the new space economy and environmental transactions, providing products and services capable of covering the full mission cycle, from design and construction of a satellite platform to recovery Space debris and disposal.

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