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Manila Nazzaro, crushed by absurd pathology: The sad truth - the Democrat

Manila Nazzaro, crushed by absurd pathology: The sad truth – the Democrat

Manila Nazzaro and severe diseases that put him in trouble. Talk about it in a recent interview

The wait is becoming more and more urgent. Everyone wants to know who will be the winner of this edition of ‘big brother vipWe already have two finalists, Delia Duran and Lolo Selassie, but we still have a few weeks before we get to the final evening, when the real winner and the most popular character with the audience will be decided. If there were few doubts in the last year about who He won (Tomaso Zorzi was the favourite inside and outside the house), today the situation is completely different and it’s really hard to know who will win in the end.

Manila Nazzaro (web source)

Among the characters we’ve been talking about the most these months are definitely there too Manila Nazarote. The former Miss Italy managed to bring out the character during this powerful experiment, and also won the approval of the audience. We often saw her husband Lorenzo Amoroso the protagonist, even with various social messages that came to disrupt the climate inside the house.

Manila, for her part, experienced the “Big Brother Vip” adventure using charisma that allowed her to establish many positive relationships within the home. Of course, even skirmishes had space and saw them as the center of attention. After weeks of being close, I have a relationship with Soleil Sorge and Katia Ricciarelli They cracked to the point of seeing Nazzaro having heated fights with both women. Therefore, to date, the balances are significantly different from those in the past.

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Manila Nazzaro, the ridiculous condition that put him in trouble

Manila Nazarote
Manila Nazzaro (web source)

Manila’s character, as mentioned, has been evident in recent months. The same thing the woman also experienced in her life, when she found herself having to face a very difficult moment, which made her firmly in the corner. It was Nazaru herself who told it all during an interview with Silvia Tovanen’s Studios’ microphones.very right“.

In 2013 I discovered that I had a file disease gravesI had surgery, the gland was removed. I have lost use of my vocal cords, for the first few months I have been completely silent. I thought I would never go back to my job. I gained 20 kilos, and did not recognize myself”, the woman’s words. In short, it is a dramatic moment from which the beautiful Manila, however, managed to break out.