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Amounts and when to pay

The maximum amounts of the Rai private license owed to holders of VAT numbers for 2022 have been confirmed. Let’s see what the subscription rates are for owning radios and televisions outside the family environment, particularly in cinemas, theaters and similar venues.

Anyone who carries one or more radio and television sets outside the household is obligated to pay the so-called Special license fee for rai music: Tax refers to Businesssuch as bars or shops, with a TV or radio broadcasting and music by tube.

This was confirmed by a decree of the Ministry of Economic Development published in the Official Gazette on February 23, 2022 exaggerated Last year: Let’s see them together.

Licensing fees for private opinion: amounts and who pays them

Canon Ray 1

By law they are required to pay Special license fee for rai music:

“Those Who They have one or more devices suitable or adaptable to the reception of radio and television broadcasts in public institutionsin places open to the public or outside the family environment in any way, regardless of the use for which they are used.”

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The exaggerated The fees for private rai licensing vary according to the type of structure that owns the radio and television equipment. For 2022, the maximum range is €6789.40 and the minimum €203.70. was instead Unified amount of special fee for radioEqual €29.94 on an annual basis.

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under the Maximum annual amounts for this year:

  • 5 star or more hotels with at least 100 rooms, €6789;
  • 5 star hotels or more with less than 100 rooms (but more than 25), luxury lodges and 4 star camping sites, luxury lodges and luxury ships, 2064 EUR;
  • 5 star or more hotels with less than 25 rooms, 3 star residences, villages and camps, 4 and 3 star hotels with more than 10 TVs, first-class shops and public places, bank branches, 1018 EUR;
  • Guesthouses, hotels, pensions, and inns with one or two stars, campgrounds, one or two star lodgings, and any other type of public institution with more than one (but less than 10) machines, hospitals, ships, clinics, nursing homes and offices 407 EUR;
  • Facilities containing television, shops, corporate canteens, professional offices, associations, party headquarters, religious and educational institutions, 203.70 EUR.

Rai Special License Fee: When to Pay


The Special fee for Rai 2022 It must be paid annually, semi-annually or quarterly under the following terms:

  • January 31 to pay annual;
  • January 31 And the July 31 for payments midterm;
  • January 31And the April 30And the July 31 And the October 31 in installments my quarter.

After the extended epidemic emergency, the deadline was January 31 Until March 31. In the absence of a regular cancellation, the fee is tacitly renewed.