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The offensive in Ukraine and Russia has intensified

The offensive in Ukraine and Russia has intensified

10.30 Cars with flags of the Ukrainian parade in Prussia
Many cars line the streets of the center of Brescia, waving the yellow-blue flags of Ukraine. In the video, we propose a procession through Fratelli Porcellaga.

Ukrainian flags on the streets of Prussia

10.17 Unarmed civilians block Russian tanks
Ukrainian security forces recently released a video of locals bare-handed carrying out roadblocks to block Russian tanks on the outskirts of the small town of Koryukivka in the Chernihiv region.

09.43 “We defeated Hitler, we will defeat Putin”
“Together we will defeat Hitler and defeat Putin”: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba announced in a tweet today, calling on “foreign” citizens to join Ukraine in defending the country.

08.40 Zhelensky opened for talks, but not in Belarus
Ukrainian President Zhelensky opens the hypothesis of talks, but says no to the talks held on Belarusian soil. Zelenky mentioned Warsaw, Budapest or Istanbul as possible places for negotiations.

08.36 Russian delegation to begin talks in Belarus
A Kremlin spokesman said a Russian delegation had arrived in Belarus for talks with Ukrainians. A spokesman said Russia was now ready to “start negotiations” and Moscow was now waiting for the Ukrainians.

08.29 Gelensky’s appeal to international volunteers for the military
President of Ukraine Vladimir Zhelensky, In an online appeal, he addressed all foreign citizens who are friends of Ukraine. “Anyone who wants to join the defense of security in Europe and the world can stand with the Ukrainians against the invaders of the 21st century.”

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08.13 Finalnadia closes airspace for Russian aircraft
Finland has decided to close its airspace to Russian aircraft: this was announced by the government of the northern European country.

07.31 Under siege of Kherson and Berdiansk
Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov has said that Russian forces have “completely” besieged the Ukrainian cities of Kersan (south) and Berdyansk (southeast).

07.10 Russian troops enter Kharkiv
After Kiev, Russian forces entered Kharkiv The main city of Ukraine. Nearly 500 Ukrainian soldiers have been captured from Moscow.

06.10 The oil depot was hit
Following the Russian bombing of the Vasilkiv oil depot on the outskirts of Kiev, city officials warned that the burning area was emitting toxic fumes and urged residents to close their windows. According to the Ukrainian media. Fire cannot be extinguished by emergency services due to enemy fire and environmental disaster.

03.25 Nuclear waste disposal site attacked
Russian forces have attacked a radioactive waste disposal site in Kiev, but no casualties have been reported.