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Alex Bailey's phrase that leaves everyone speechless

Alex Bailey’s phrase that leaves everyone speechless

GF vip, Soleil Sorge During the episode indulge in some important and crucial sentences about his relationship with Alex Belli.

The last episode aired on Thursday, February 24He witnessed many discussions as a protagonist. Before her elimination, Katia Ricciarelli had a fight with Jessica. When the sopranos came out, she didn’t say hi to everyone, so when she went to the door, sisters Selassie and Mirjana Trevisan didn’t come close.

GF VIP, Soleil Sorge indulges in some important phrases about his relationship with Alex Belli (Source: mediaset infinity)

During the live broadcast, what happened was discussed again Between Alex Belli, Delia Duran and Soleil Sorge. Last Monday, the actor left the house, having entered as a guest. Sulli on that occasion did not want to greet him. Some videos have been shown And right after that Indulge the opponent in important phrases.

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GF Vip and Soleil Sorge are clear: an Alex Belli that not everyone expected

The Gf VIP It is experiencing a certain follow-up and in recent months the game dynamics have been fed The relationship between Alex Belli, Soleil and Delia Duran. The actor left home on Monday after checking in for a week as a guest. In the last live broadcast, the speech was processed again and videos of what happened were broadcast.

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Alfonso Signorini tried to understand why Soleil did not want to greet the actor and made her explain his feelings.. The competition revealed her thoughts and feelings, leaving herself with phrases that some expected and others did not. The contestant, as I mentioned earlier, is convinced Alex has come in to invite her to say how she feels:Alex failed if his intention was to come here for emotional confirmation, to tell him I loved him“.

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Solil on Alex
Infinite Media Source

Then he added Sulliher safety appears as usual: “In several conversations he asked me to expose myself, he wanted me to admit that I loved him. I said I love him as a person, there is a big difference. Falling in love is another level of a person’s appreciation. For me it is closed.” After these words, the situation is now much clearer, Sully admitted that he loves Alex as a person and not in any other way and that he wants to close with him, because he “ruined everything”.