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All the rules change. Let us clarify the obligations, controls and penalties »

Green Card: All the rules change. Clarify the obligations, controls, and penalties

All rules for GREEN PASS changeThe public on the mandatory nature of the green pass She is getting older. We remind you that the green certificate does just that You can get 14 days After taking the first dose of the vaccine, or immediately after taking the second dose. But you can also get it after making a file Scan with negative result antigen or saliva, which persists 48 oreOh molecular, and always instead of 72 ore.
Green Pass has a validity of 12 months.

From October 15, all workers in the public and private sectors must necessarily have the Green Certificate which will be checked by their employer. Who will not be provided with You may get a fine of 400 to 1,000 euros. However, there are no disciplinary consequences, only one salary suspension.
In addition to, anyone (excluding students) enter school The green lane should appear.
but that is not all. As reported by the newspaper Republic, There is Some important news Submitted with amendments approved by the Committee. Among those,Extend the shelf life of the molecular solution to 72 hours, no more than 48 hours for rapid antigen tests. Also expected Mandatory supply of FFP2 and FFP3 masks For staff working in kindergarten.

In the The university will remain committed to maintaining the mask Even when students who have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID are participating in educational activities. On the basis of this choice it is made clear, there is the nature of university societies: unlike those in schools, University students are not divided by class, but they “migrate” within the universities, often changing their “fellow students”, depending on the lessons they have to attend and the places where they are received.

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In the foreground Transportation There is an obligation The green corridor is not just for planesAnd between citiesAnd high speedAnd bus NS Interregional ferries, but also to access a file Ski lifts.

Then we try to solve a problem irregular migrants: And Instead, it is envisaged to customize the green COVID certificate temporary Or, alternatively, a personal barcode in order to ensure the single identification of the vaccinated person also by computer.