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MLB Baseball: Playoff Times

MLB Baseball: Playoff Times

an offer American MLB BaseballIt is one of the most loved, watched and played sports in the United States, and it is also on Sky for the 2021 season.

between in 6 NS On October 9 they will be five The live partite subordinate Major League Baseball, valid for i playoffs, broadcast on sky and streaming currently.

The first date is already the next night, with the National League Wild Card match between Los Angeles Dodgers, defend the heroes, ei St. Louis CardinalsIn a game inside or out, whoever wins continues beyond the season, and whoever loses ends their journey. Live that it Sky Sports Action everybody raw 2With the original comment.

Meanwhile, in another Wild Card challenge, valid for the MLS, the Boston Red Sox eliminated the New York Yankees.

Thursday Therefore, the split chain Let’s go sky It will be possible to follow four meetings, all in directly. The best five matches are played and the player who wins the three matches first wins.

In the first two we will see on the diamond Houston Astros NS Chicago White Sox, with a match on the air tomorrow that it Sky Sport Arena everybody raw 22, with commentary by Danilo Freire and Roberto Guetta, H Friday 8 everybody 20 that it Sky Sport 251, with comments by Pietro Nicolodi and Michel Gallerani.

in a night between Friday 8 NS Saturday October 9 It will be a turn Tampa Bay Rays – Boston Red Sox, in the program for everything 1 that it Sky Sports ActionWith the original comment.

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Saturday October 9 they will meet Milwaukee Brewers NS Atlanta Braves, the game that will be broadcast in raw 23always available Sky Sports Action, with comments by Danilo Freire and Roberto Guetta.

In addition to postseason matches, the World Series will also award the title on Sky.

BASEBALL MLB – Qualifiers

Live su skye e in the flow su NOW

“Wild Card”

the night of Wednesday 6 – Thursday 7 October; National League:

raw 2 Los Angeles Dodgers St. Louis Cardinals Sky Sports Action

Partition String

Thursday 7 October; MLS – Match 1

raw 22 Houston Astros – Chicago White Sox Sky Sport Arena

Friday October 8; American League – Match Two:

20 . raw Houston Astros – Chicago White Sox Sky Sport 251

Friday night 8 – Saturday 9 October; National League – Match 1

raw 1 Tampa Bay Rays – Boston Red Sox Sky Sports Action

Saturday 9 October; National League – Match 2:

raw 23 Milwaukee Brewers – Atlanta Braves Sky Sports Action

(MLB available on Sky Go, also in HD)