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Alfa Romeo: Goodbye to the side license plate

Alfa Romeo: Goodbye to the side license plate

Beware of pedestrians – If you exclude the latter juniorthe Tarja He was placed On the left side The front part is a distinctive element that unites the latest car modelsAlfa Romeoincluding the current Giulia, Tonale and Stelvio (Pictured above). This tradition began in 1955 with the Giulietta Spyder, but as he predicted during an interview with… To Volante Capo designed by Alejandro Mesonero Romanos (from video), is scheduled to stop. The following models of the biscione, starting with the electric alternatives to the Giulia and Stelvio, will bring back the model Plate in the center From the bumper. the reason? European approval standards for pedestrian safety, which will arrive within two years. “We can no longer put the license plate on the side,” Mesonero Romanos confirmed.

New technologies – the Asymmetric license plate It allowed designers to extend the deck intended for the triple, with the armor reaching the lower spoiler. “A lot of people tell us it’s a shame Lose the asymmetry “Anyway, there are other beautiful Alfa Romeos with the license plate in the center,” the designer mused. In this way it disappears Very large shieldalso due to new technologies that were not present when it was designed: for example, the radar of the driving assistance systems was included in the center of the lower air intake of the Junior, which is the first model to no longer have an asymmetric license plate.

The logo is enlarged – If the front hand can loses A little bit of a personality With the size of the shield reduced, on the other hand, it can be restored with a new interpretation of the logo, which will be larger on the Electric shield and will introduce a closed graphic design like the 3D-effect design of the Rookie shield. “Having the big logo shows that we are proud of it and it is somethingModern interpretation “Rewarding,” confirmed Mesonero Romanos in a recent interview.

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