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Record patrol in Rome, all the stars are present

Record patrol in Rome, all the stars are present

Italy wants to be a great champion in the European Championship 2024 Athletics, which will be organized In Rome from June 7 to 12. Bel Paese will be represented by 116 Blues (63 men and 53 women), which is the absolute record for a continental event. DT Antonio La Torre has selected a senior squad that includes almost all the stars of the Italian action.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Champions Present: Marcel Jacobs (100 metres), Gianmarco Tamperi (high jump), Antonella Palmisano (20 km walking), Filippo Torto, Fausto Desallo, Lorenzo Bata (4×100). We’ll see in the race too Leonardo Fabbri (Big favorite in throwing after a silver medal at the World Outdoor Championships and a bronze at the World Championships in the indoor), Lorenzo Simonelli (Ambitious about 110 hurdles after silver medal at World Indoor Championships in 60 hours), Matthias Forlani (Among the contenders for the podium in the long jump after the World Indoor silver medal), Zainab Dosso (New from 11.02 in the 100 meters and world indoor bronze in the 60).

Defending the title will be Gianmarco Tamperi (also world champion), Marcel Jacobs and Yaman Kripa (Over 10,000 metres, but he will also attempt the half marathon.) We will also admire other big names such as Larissa Iabichino (long jump), Catalin Ticosino (800 metres), Alessandro Sibilio (400 hurdles), Federico Riva and Pietro Aris (1500 metres), Francesco Fortunato and Valentina Trabletti (World Champions in Walking Relay), Ayomide Folorunso (400 hurdles), Nadia Pattocleti (5000 and 10000 meters), Daisy Osakwe (Discus throwing), Sarah Fantini (hammer throw), Roberta Bruni and Elisa Molinarulo (pole vault), Sophia Yaremchuk (half marathon).

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There is no shortage of ambitious relays, and the only notable absentee is Massimo Stano: the Olympic 20km race walk champion recovering from an injury he suffered at the World Team Championships. Below is the full picture of Italy’s squad for the 2024 European Athletics Championships, scheduled for Rome and the authentic appetizer for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Called up to the Italian Athletics European Championships Rome 2024


Chitoro Ali (100 metres)
Marcel Jacobs (100 metres, 4×100)
Matteo Melozzo (100 metres, 4×100)
Roberto Rigali (100 metres, 4×100)
Fausto Desallo (200 metres, 4×100)
Diego Aldo Petorossi (200 metres)
Filippo Torto (200 metres, 4×100)
Lorenzo Bennati (400 metres)
Riccardo Meli (400 metres, 4×400)
David Rey (400 metres, 4×400)
Eduardo Scotti (400 metres, 4×400)
Luca Cito (400 metres, 4×400)
Simone Barontini (800 metres)
Francesco Bernici (800 metres)
Catalin Ticosino (800 metres)
Pietro Ares (1500 metres)
Occupation of Osama (1500 meters)
Federico Riva (1500 metres)
Elias Aouani (10,000 metres)
Yemen Kripa (10,000m, half marathon)
Francisco Guerra (10,000 metres)
Ahmed Ouhda (10,000 metric)
Pietro Riva (10,000 metres, half marathon)
Luca Orsano (10,000 metres)
Hassan Fofana (110 hurdles)
Nicolo Giacalone (110 hurdles)
Lorenzo Simonelli (110 hurdles, 4×100)
Giacomo Bertoncelli (400 hurdles)
Mario Lambroghi (400 hurdles)
Alessandro Sebellio (400 hurdles, 4×400)
Yassin Bouyeh (3000 hedges)
Zaghlami Road (3000 shapes)
Osama Al-Zaghlami (3000 hedges)
Marco Fasinotti (high jump)
Manuel Lando (high jump)
Stefano Sutil (high jump)
Gianmarco Tamperi (high jump)
Simon Bertelli (pole vault)
Claudio Stichi (pole vault)
Mattia Forlani (long jump)
Karim Hatem Mersal (long jump)
Filippo Randazzo (long jump)
Tobia Bucci (triple jump)
Andrea Dalavale (triple jump)
Emmanuel Ehimeji (triple jump)
Lorenzo Del Gato (shot put)
Leonardo Fabbri (shot put)
Zain Wire (shot put)
Alessio Mannucci (discus throw)
Johannes Chiappinelli (half marathon)
Ayoub Feniel (half marathon)
Daniele Meucci (half marathon)
Pasquale Silvarolo (half marathon)
Andrea Cozzi – 20 km on foot
Francesco Fortunato (20 km on foot)
Riccardo Orsoni (20 km March)
Lorenzo Bata (4 x 100)
Marco Ricci (4 x 100)
Vladimir Skiti (4×400)
Lapo Biancardi (4×400)
Brian Lopez (4×400)
Dario Dester (decathlon)
Lorenzo Naidone (decathlon)

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Anna Bongiorni (100 metres, 4×100)
Zeinab Dosso (100 metres, 4×100)
Dalia Kadari (200 metres, 4×100)
Irene Siragusa (200 metres, 4×100)
Alice Mangione (400 metres, 4×400)
Anna Polinari (400 metres, 4×400)
Giancarla Trevisan (400 metres, 4×400)
Elena Bello (800 metres)
Eloisa Cuero (800 metres)
Ludovica Cavalli (1500 metres)
Sentaihu Sum (1500m)
Marta Zenoni (1500 metres)
Nadia Battocleti (5,000, 10,000 metres)
Federica del Bono (5,000, 10,000 metres)
Micol Maggiore (5000 metres)
Ana Arnaudo (10,000 metres)
Valentina Jimetto (10,000 metres)
Elisa Palmeiro (10,000 metres, half marathon)
Veronica Pisana (100 hurdles)
Giada Carmassi (100 hurdles)
Elena Carraro (100 hurdles)
Ayomide Folorunso (400 hurdles, 4×400)
Alice Moraro (400 hurdles)
Linda Olivieri (400 hurdles)
Eleonora Cortabi (3000 Hedges)
Elena Vallortigara (high jump)
Aurora Vecchini (high jump)
Roberta Bruni (pole vault)
Sonia Malavesi (pole vault)
Elisa Molinarulo (pole vault)
Larissa Iabichino (long jump)
Daria Derkach (triple somersault)
Emily Conte (discus throw)
Daisy Osakwe (discus throw)
Stefania Stromelo (discus throw)
Sarah Fantini (hammer throw)
Rachel Morey (hammer throw)
Federica Potter (javelin throw)
Sarah Nestola (half marathon)
Federica Sugameli (half marathon)
Sofia Yaremchuk (Mezze Marathon)
Eleonora Giorgi (20 km on foot)
Antonella Palmisano (20 km on foot)
Valentina Trabletti (20 km on foot)
Ariana De Masi (4 x 100)
Carlotta Fedriga (4 x 100)
Gloria Hopper (4 x 100)
Alessia Pavese (4 x 100)
Ilaria Elvira Akami (4×400)
Alessandra Bonora (4 x 400)
Rebecca Borja (4×400)
Virginia Trojans (4 x 400)
Sveva Gervini (Heptathlon)