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After Retirement You Can Stop Working At 62 It’s All Right: How To Do It

Some categories of workers can benefit from early retirement: this is who can stop working for 62 years.

in order to order Early exit from work It is necessary to meet some requirements: let’s get acquainted together while waiting for the changes to the Italian pension system.

Early retirement on

there Budget Law 2023 The methods for obtaining retirement will change and there are many hypotheses working their way to deciding whether to leave a job. The struggle between the different factions also depends on the ability to offer the best solutions, including pension tranches. One option has allowed certain categories of workers to access the pension system for 62 years.

Night work: who can apply for early retirement and at what age

What professions can benefit from this privilege? We are talking about people who are called to do strenuous activities, such as divers, workers in quarries or mines, or rather rare jobs. But the legislation governing early exit from work also deals with other professions, of which little is said about the decline in pensions. Let’s think about who works like security guard And practice his profession during the tiring night shifts. Night work is part of the reason why hard work is so special: people who work at night can apply for a pension at the age of 61 years and seven months.

The condition that must be fulfilled, in this case, is to do work between 24.00 and 5.00 in the morning. In this way, he can leave the world of work after having reached the age of 61 years and seven months and accumulated 35 years of contributions. In this regard, we talk about 97.6 . oddswhich is a number equal to the sum between the age and contributions due.

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But be careful: the night work referred to in the legislation must have been carried out for at least seven years in the last ten years or half of the working life. There are some clarifications to be made:

retired man
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-Who is playing Night activities all year round o for the number of days greater than or equal to 78 days in a year, you can retire when you reach 61 years and 7 months;

Who do night activities for 72-77 working days can retire at 62 years and seven months old;

Who do night activities for 64-71 working days He can retire at the age of 63 years and seven months.

who does Independent Night Activities You will have to make the same calculations by adding one year of age to each of the listed options.