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Gf Vip, Adriana Volpe columnist on new show: You'll meet an old 'enemy'

Gf Vip, Adriana Volpe columnist on new show: You’ll meet an old ‘enemy’

Adriana Volpi returns head-to-head with ex Givina.

Fully feet braces in Big Brother VIPWho first saw her in the role of opponent and then who columnistAnd the Adriana Volpi She is preparing to return to the role she played on the reality show during its sixth edition, this time in the main network of Piazza Mazzini.

Gf Vip, Adriana Volpe columnist on new show: You’ll meet an old ‘enemy’

The anchor is actually going back to her mom opinion He will be sitting at this table live the life, Rai1 news container conducted by Alberto Matano. To reveal it, gate David Maggio Who predicted that during Monday’s episode there would be an archenemy of Fox: Rita Rosic.

“We also expect another character who recently spent in House of Canale 5 (in 2020) to be a guest on the Monday afternoon of the Rai 1 broadcast, always at the table: Rita Rusic. In short, there’s still enough GF Vip to pop in.” VID, which last season hosted Stefania Orlando several times, has been “revamped” by Real Mediaset.”

Disagreements between the two arose during the fourth edition of Big Brother VIP And even after the conclusion of the reality show, on several occasionsEx-wife Cecchi Gori He kept the fox’s words that were anything but flattery.

“I’ve always been bored even at home. I like smart, mellow people. I’m curious about people for whom I always have something to learn. I learned from her that tool in the kitchen that mixes vegetables. I’ve never cooked in it my life” said Rosic Le Belve.

The former Jevina also criticized her as Column writer:

“I cheer for Signorini and sympathize a lot with the writer Sonia Bruganelli. Adriana Volpi? A columnist without opinions. She looks at social networks and repeats […] What can I say, just “Bruganelli forever!”. But she really only talks about Magalli! And what boxes this one here. It bothers me that you’re a columnist with no intelligent opinion.”

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