Despite announcements by the CEO, Director and General Manager with full wind powers (“Cassa e’ risanata” announcement of January 13, 2021 to Smtv) and the Finance Committee’s request to continue to reorganize Cassa savings, also with regard to containing management costs, despite Law of December 23, 2020 No. 223 that replaced the accounting entry named 5 third with a non-refundable government bond issued by the Republic of San Marino at a rate of 1.75 percent per annum with interest of 8 million to cover the gap in Casa primarily with perpetual debt, closes Carisp with a very large deficit: 26 million and 900 thousand euros of maximum profit loss. A really important figure for the management who was supposed, in the words of the Minister of Finance and CEO Vento himself, to make the bank immediately return to profit. Management of new money: help only to friends of friends This management of cash is the same, we remind those who have read to us, who withdrew immediately after their appointment with a regulatory initiative by the present government, the complaint against the advocates of Rete Ciavatta e Santi to maintain the position of those who nominated them and he himself fired Recruitment campaign worthy of a large growth company in which we can include relatives or even the majority of politicians themselves. I have repeatedly asked to clarify the new appointments both in the Central Bank and in the Casa de Risparmeo. This “excellent” management continues to make water, or rather holes, on all sides. Cost reductions, as a result of layoffs and retirements, and not solidarity contracts as required by law for investee companies, were implemented by the previous board of directors and produced its effects in fiscal year 2020. We don’t want the new Carisp management, like the CIS, making misleading advertisements. We wonder if Secretary Gatti can be satisfied this year and a half with the activity of Vento and his associates and provide information on this subject in the institutional offices. From victory to hard reality, Libera takes into account the continuing great difficulties of Cassa di Risparmio and our financial system and believes that the time has come to develop a broad project to re-launch the entire banking system, starting with measures of recovery and responsibility towards bank managers who have managed credit inappropriately, From the deployment of major bank debtors to the non-performing loan securitization project and new core business models for the San Marino banking world. In these delicate issues we need participation and transparency, not to continue with declarations of victory and propaganda, and not to continue to “put dust under the rug” so that we do not face the problems that must be solved now more than ever.

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