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After Andalusia and Cantabria comes the Galician number

After Andalusia and Cantabria comes the Galician number

the Spain He refuses green lane. Today the last district court, court Galicia, after other judges in the various Independent Communities declared the requirement of possession of the green lane void in order to gain access to bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Galicia was the last region in Spain where the measure is still in effect.

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This was announced by the Galician Regional Court, the judicial seat responsible for the decision. with this sentence, The commitment to the green corridor remains excluded in all regions of Spain, after previous negative decisions of courts of other regions such as Andalusia and Cantabria, where regional governments attempted to enforce the obligation.

The Regional Court explained in a statement that it adopted this decision after a Procedural irregularities on the part of the Galician governmentWhich, according to the judges, did not properly submit to the judiciary the July 22 order introducing the mandatory green corridor in areas at high risk of infection. Court approval was a prerequisite because it is a measure that limits individual rights. Due to these found infractions, the mandatory green-traffic requirement in certain circumstances is thus considered “ineffective”.

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