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Holiday of regional delegates in Sicily in case of emergency

Holiday of regional delegates in Sicily in case of emergency

Fire emergency, companies on their knees. Towards the Sicilian Yellow Zone: Ars on Vacation

PALERMO – The arm of the Ars sessions was discontinued last July 29th. The words of President Gianfranco Mikiche are engraved in the acronym: “We have a few days off. We’ll let you know because it depends on the needs … I can tell you that work on the microphones will start immediately from that place when we’re not in this room, I hope these days have already been planned for some time off holidays, Not too long but happy holidays for everyone “.

Again: “After this tiring year, it’s definitely tiring. I hope you all can relax a few days quietly. I hope we will meet again in early September, but if there is any news we will let you know by email. Thanks and warmth to everyone.”

The first emergency

On July 31, fire emergency trials evacuated 70 homes in the Catania area, leveling a beach. Then the red alert launched by the Civil Defense will be extinguished.

Everywhere fires, farms were destroyed, hundreds of dead animals, destroyed forests and crushed in a tank full of water that a farmer was dragging to protect his land.

Govt emergency

Sicily slides towards the yellow zone. Health Councilor Rukero Raza is increasing the number of beds to remove restrictions. Almost every day, Sicily has a national prevalence of epidemics, with Lombardy doubling the number of positive people, doubling the number of people living in our region.

Again, two days ago, one-third of the national deaths related to Govt occurred in Sicily.

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Opposition parties’ demand

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. We need to understand how the government was surprised by one of the most timely summer events in Sicily.

The session should take place by August 20 in the hope that it will not put too much pressure on regional representatives.