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African anticyclone loses some hits, cold air and strong winds arrive;  It's there

African anticyclone loses some hits, cold air and strong winds arrive; It's there

Weather forecast for the weekend

Updates over the weekend: A wide area of ​​high pressure trapping Italy will touch down between Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th with a cold front, which will have effects in some of our regions.

It has now been confirmed In the next few days a A high pressure area will expand further from North Africa until embracing much of the Mediterranean and central-western Europe.
This is a very unusual fact: in fact, a warm and stable air mass will come directly from the Sahara, but not from the Azores, as is usual during this period. As happens during the summer's most intense and prolonged heatwaves, this structure will reassert itself next weekend, giving us stable weather, but above all Thermal values Higher than the seasonal average, Especially the Alpine mountains and the Centre-South (Tyrrhenian side).

African Anti-Storm Strengthening Towards Italy. Cooler in the Adriatic and Ionian sectors
however, Between Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 January A lick on the eastern edge of the anticyclone Associated with a depression over Eastern Europe: For this reason, we will be in the Adriatic sections of the Center-South and in the Ionian areas. brisk and bright winds from the northern quadrants, It usually keeps the temperature low even in constant and sunny climates.

Finally, it should be noted Fog formation, especially in the early morning and after sunset Especially in the northern plains and inner valleys of the center. If the fog lasts during the day, the temperature will be low: we will have the opportunity to talk about this again in our next updates, so that we can identify the areas most at risk more precisely.

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