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Afghanistan, TV journalists “challenge” the Taliban and start broadcasting naked


Therefore, the protest networks themselves (TOLOnews, Ariana TV, Shemshad TV And 1TV) I had to make a bitter transformation: “We resisted and opposed the use of the full veil,” said Sonia Niazi, presenter to TOLOnews — but

The announcer was under pressure.

In early May, the Taliban’s supreme leader set out by law an obligation for women to completely cover themselves in public.

Perhaps with the traditional burqa,

Country 20 years late:

They imposed this obligation, according to the most accurate reading of Islamic law, the first time they were in power in Afghanistan, from 1996 to 2001. It is an obligation that television journalists opposed, but to no avail.

The official spokesman for the ministry had threatened to address the matter with their leaders (

of their support)

She pointed out that “everyone who lives in a certain system and government must obey the laws and orders of this system.”

The Taliban has already proven it

Women working in government will be fired if they don’t comply with the new dress code

Male employees risk their jobs if their wives or daughters do not obey.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Muhammad Sadiq Akef Muhajir, said in the Correspondents’ case:

The authorities have no plans to force bidders to quit their jobs:

“We are happy that the channels exercised their responsibility correctly,” he declared.

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