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AEW: The atmosphere is still very tense between MJF and Tony Khan

AEW: The atmosphere is still very tense between MJF and Tony Khan

As we saw last night, the rumored absence from MJF finally did. The wrestler fought as expected in his match, although he did not appear behind the scenes. The reason for so much certainty about his possible absence, which seemed certain only a few hours before the event, is that the MJF will arrive shortly before their meeting and leave soon after.

The news was later confirmed by multiple sources in AEW. There was so much uncertainty during the day, that tweets and Youtube videos promoting the match were removed and then reposted 90 minutes before Buy In. After the match, MJF was carried away on a stretcher after the squash match, which led to the media to report taking a break. Although this seems likely, there is currently no confirmation in AEW that this gap will actually exist. It is possible that this mode is in the process of formation.

AEW sources told Fightful today that MJF has not returned home and a meeting between Tony Khan and MJF has been planned. It appears that Fightful was asked again if it was a business or a real situation and for the first time it wasn’t vehemently dismissed, which is an indication that AEW might want to exploit this story.

The two had an argument a couple of months ago mostly related to the MJF contract, and we’ve since learned that Tony Khan told the talent he’d be willing to pay MJF as a higher name. However, MJF’s frustration did not abate. Fightful confirms that on Saturday a flight was booked in the name of MJF out of town and he did not board it. Those who worked at the meet and greet on Saturday were not told in advance that the MJF would not be attending and there were wrestlers called to make up for his absence and were not told in advance that they would need to attend. Everything seemed to indicate that it was a real situation, even if there were no official confirmations about the matter.

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It appears that MJF has been ignoring AEW’s bids for weeks, believing that a deal is still a long way off. In particular, the MJF seemed convinced that the decade would climax at Double or Nothing week and that it would be the forum for discussion.