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"Across Italy vulnerable, investments needed"

“Across Italy vulnerable, investments needed”

“This is new evidence of our country’s vulnerability to the IT front. The small consolation is that in this perspective Italy is in many companies. Only Israel and a few other countries are effectively protecting themselves from this type of attack. Escaping from the Florence attorney’s trial in the open, Karroy scrutinized the attacks of computer hackers against organizations in the Lazio region over the past few hours, and his conclusions are by no means certain.

What technically happened?

“You see that at this time the domains and are in the database mallspam-emed. Unable to follow, and all important data on the system is compromised along with the user.

What is the Trojan horse used to stab the Logio region?

“Compromised systems contain emotid malware, often intended to expose sensitive data and information through spear-phishing campaigns.”

Who is behind the pirates?

“Access to this malware can then be sold to organized crime groups, which exploit it to gain more access to initial sources. In our view, the main cause of the current problem in this region is a ransomware, Cryptolocker, which is immediately sufficient to identify whether it has an easy life within the network. We can not rule out that, but the information about Emotode is clear, at least one criminal group had proper evidence to access employees’ mail and their personal workstations. “

Were there any warning signs before this?

“Yes, the security of the Lazio region has already been called into question in March 2020, when an Italian researcher revealed serious vulnerabilities in the backend of the LAZIOdrCOVID application. There are.

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There is an emphasis on the ransom claim. How widespread is the hacking phenomenon for the purpose of extortion, and how much are companies generally willing to pay?

“This is a growing fact, and the problem is that many companies prefer to comply with cybercriminals rather than acknowledge their vulnerability. If she steals a cell phone, she’s aware of it after 30 seconds, and she’s used to always have it in her hand. If I steal data inside, she may not notice it for the rest of her life. “

How does it come out?

“We have to do the same as in real life to defend ourselves. If I want to prevent a thief from entering the house, I will increase the cost of infiltration by putting up armored doors and windows, alarms and guards. This must also be done on the perimeter of the Internet. And create red teams that protect the perimeter.It is necessary to invest in the security of technology and quality services.