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No cars on the green belt

No cars on the green belt

Pollution in Rome is uncontrolled. Today, December 22, as in recent days, fine particles have actually exceeded legal limits. Knowing today’s data, the mayor of Rome Robert Gualtieri He decided to intervene by signing a law.

Traffic rush hours

Limitation of private traffic is expected tomorrow afternoon, 23rd December, from 17.30 to 20.30 and on 24th from 6.30 to 9.30 am. Stop inside the new green band. Here is the map.

Free means of transportation

Public transport will be free tomorrow, December 23, from the afternoon timetable of the blockade until the end of service, and for the whole day on December 24, both a pre-forecast and pre-announced end. On the 24th, the heating of public buildings will also be stopped.

Who can’t get around

Petrol cars up to Euro 3 and diesel cars up to Euro 4 will be banned. Mopeds and motorcycles (3 and 4 wheels) powered by Euro 2 diesel will be banned.

Other barriers

There is also a ban on the use of domestic heat generators fueled by wood biomass (in the presence of an alternative heating system) with an energy and emission performance that cannot comply with the intended values. Also, a complete ban on open burning (ritual bonfires, barbecues and fireworks, for recreational purposes) and compliance with restrictions on vehicular traffic.

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