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12 consigli della money coach per risparmiare in vacanza

12 tips from a money coach to save on vacation

We are tired of moneyA study conducted by the Bank n 26 say that Financial issues for us Italians are a major source of concern. Now we add in particular, since Covid has also put pressure on the bank accounts of many. In addition, summer has arrived and We all need to leave the houseSee new places and relax vacation, finally. This is why we asked for advice from money coach Elisabetta Galliano Which was explained to us in the above exhibition with 12 points How to organize the perfect vacation on any budget.

A widespread number abroad, especially in the United States, Money coach is a novelty in Italy, but many – even overcoming some cultural reservation, given that talking about money in our country is taboo for many – are beginning to appreciate it.

“The Money Coach Mission — Elisabetta Galliano, MBA graduate, MBA, and AIEF-certified financial educator explains. It helps people organize their finances to get more out of their money“. this means, No matter how much money you have, money coach teaches you how to manage it consciously It gives you practical tools that also make you understand how to deal with it The emotional component that plays its part in every account. This way they learn to manage Indispensable exits For everyday life but also for those who work to live better, such as holidays.

«Traveling, as well as any activity that makes you feel good, will never be a superfluous expense.”Elisabetta Galliano continues. It is not necessary to have a high budget: It is sufficient to set a maximum spending limit according to the availability of the individualAnd, accordingly, choose where to go and what to do. It could be a trip out of town, a weekend, one tropical vacation: It does not matter where the important thing is to leave.”

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“Wealth – concludes the money coach – is a relative concept: I can become richer if I have more income than expenses, and there are those who have more and those who have less. The important thing is to manage carefully and without obsessing what you have. In the end, the rewards are always reaped: even Warren Buffett would argue that “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone else planted a tree a long time ago”». For money coach advice, browse the gallery above

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