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On Rai5 (channel 23) “Okay (if you like)”


A wonderful classic of theater and one of the most popular releases of comedy written by Luigi Berandello: It is “This Is (If You Think)” – directed by Filippo Dini for Teatro Stabili di Torino-Teatro Nazionale – which Ray Cultura shows on Saturday May 15th at 9.15 Evening on Rai5. Denny, in addition to directing him, is also the protagonist (in the unusual role of Laodese who goes off on wheels), with notable actors: Maria Baiato, Andrea de Casa, Benedetta Baresi, Nicolas Panelli, Mariangela Granelli, Francesca Agostini, Ilaria Valini, Carlo Orlando Aurita Notary, Giampiero Rapa, Mauro Bernardi.
About the mystery surrounding a shy family that has just arrived in the village – Mister Ponza, his wife may have died, and may not have been, and the elderly Frolla, his mother-in-law – Berandello builds an investigation, conducted by a young bourgeois, who has a breath of excitement. Dark and terrifying puzzle game.
In the version signed by Filippo Dini and produced by Teatro Stabili in Turin, “Then she (if you think)” after long and successful tours in Italy and abroad, he was awarded the 2019 Le Maschere Italian Theater Award for Best Direction and Best Spotlight and was the first Pirandello in Italian to perform Large in China.
The collections are signed by Laura Benzi, costumes by Andrea Viotti, lights from Pasquale Mari, music by Arturo Annecchino, video director by Lucio Fiorentino.

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