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Emirates News Agency - SGG obtains an education in the field of virtual space accredited by NASA

Emirates News Agency – SGG obtains an education in the field of virtual space accredited by NASA

SHARJAH, August 16, 2021 – The Sharjah Young Girl Guides (SGG), ages 11-14, have learned what it’s like to live and work in space in a NASA-accredited program in which NASA’s Space Sector has participated. knowledge and inspired the next generation of space explorers and pioneers of the virtual field.

Through interactive and engaging sessions in space science, 25 SGGs received world-class education in space and planetary missions, including an overview of the regional and global significance of the UAE’s mission to Mars, at the online space summer camp.

Using the space curriculum of NASA and the United Arab Emirates, participants had the opportunity to design and launch their own models of space landers, spacecraft, and rockets and immerse themselves in the wonderful world of the universe over five days.

A range of hands-on activities, including the Instant Challenge sessions, are designed to test participants’ problem-solving skills, hone their critical thinking skills, and inspire them to delve deeper into the fields of science, space and aerospace engineering.

The guides also learned about the UAE’s “Hope” or the UAE’s mission to Mars, which constituted an important milestone for Mars exploration when it successfully entered orbit around the planet. Red in February this year. “Al-Amal”, the first interplanetary probe in the Arab world, provides the UAE and the global scientific community with new data that is already developing the science and knowledge of mankind from another planet.

The enthusiastic youth’s thirst for knowledge was evident in the questions they had raised during the five days of the space field, including the various aspects of space exploration.

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On the last day of space camp, NASA engineer Sylvester Shanley answered every question by sharing several stunning space videos and photos with the attendees.

This included videos of Curiosity landing on Mars and pictures of a Mexican sombrero or Galaxy. The first and only image of a black hole and its shadows; And one of the most famous images of the Eagle Nebula taken by the Hubble Space Telescope highlights three giant gas plumes called “pillars of creation” — each, he explained, containing material to build new stars.

Translated by: Hussein Abu Ela.