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A new variant of Omicron showing strange red spots on the body of Cerberus is scaring scientists, they explain

A new variant of Omicron showing strange red spots on the body of Cerberus is scaring scientists, they explain

Some people have strange red spots on the body: could it be due to the new type of Covid? I study.

Sars-Cov-2 virus still causes us many problems. Injuries are increasing, but not only. The variants they have The course and symptoms also changed Of the disease.

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Unfortunately The first colds have arrived, and with them the seasonal flu. In addition, this year we have another wave of Covid and also some disturbing news.

They call it Variants Soup and although the name seems to mention something refreshing, it hides some pitfalls. We know that Thankfully, the original disease is no longer there, but Covid variants continue to pop up like mushrooms, throwing off the immune system.

Vaccinated or not, people get sick, showing symptoms more or less serious: but this time is also very unusual.

It seems that The blame must be attributed to Cerberus, variant “daughter of Omicron”, which is a matter of concern to experts. First of all, because, like Covid itself, It gives flu-like symptoms, and is therefore difficult to understand Whether we are sick from this virus or from the municipality seasonal disease.

Once we’re sure it’s Covid, however, maybe after the scan, we might be surprised How is the disease manifested?. here because.

Those weird red spots on the body, is that Cerberus’ fault? What scientists discovered

We learned, as it appeared last October, that variables BQ. 1 And the BQ.1.1 It may have become prevalent in Europe and the world. There is BQ The Covid variant is dubbed CerberusExperts fear that it will cause us many problems.

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In fact, at present, According to some testimonies, this variant gives very strange symptoms. They have been I mentioned several manifestations of transcendence than we had I learned to know. In addition to fever, breathing problems, and weakness, many people report certain health ailments.

Like the The appearance of strange bruises and red spots on the bodyor rashAnd the infections In the oral cavity like Mouth infection accommodate Orchids of the valleyand even Swollen fingers and swollen feet.

always strangely, These symptoms are also characteristic of people with immunodeficiencythat is, they have – for various reasons – the weakest immune defenses.

In fact Some viruses and fungi (frequently) specifically infect those with a weak defense mechanism. Something that does not happen to a healthy organism, which for the most part manages to avoid external attacks. Could it be Cerberus that weakens the immune system? Scientists are trying to better understand the mechanisms of the virus, or rather, how it works through variants.

For now, what is clear is thatin the midst of chaos, Patterns are emerging. A swarm—of many variants—helped scientists pinpoint one A handful of immune-evading mutations that fuel variable spread. Globally, a few heavyweight variants have emerged, yielding different results in different regions, at least so far.”.

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Some of these considerations Predictions about the prevalence of new variantsAnd the Published in the journal Nature. So it seems that we will have to expect more variables, and with them who knows what other symptoms are.

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