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It affects an unknown object on Jupiter and creates a white flash: science now wants to see clearly

It affects an unknown object on Jupiter and creates a white flash: science now wants to see clearly

A stroke of luck has allowed us to see the impact of a large space object on Jupiter: scientists are trying to understand what it is.


TheThe event was visible from both Europe and South America And it could have helped you by chance. In fact, the largest planet in the solar system was under observation for a solar eclipse that cast a shadow of the satellite Io on the planet, when suddenly a white dot appeared on the surface.

This event was filmed and recorded by those who had the opportunity to observe something non-recurring in our system, which happened in 0:39 Italian on September 14.

For now, the videos don’t allow us to make a definitive study of what happened, but according to Albino Carbogniani, an astronomer at the INAF Astrophysics and Space Science Observatory in Bologna, It was most likely an asteroid 30-40 meters in diameter or a comet 50-60 meters in diameter. In this case, due to the size of the planet, there were no consequences, also because of its gaseous form, but this type of event is part of the usual change in space.

A space object crashes into Jupiter: this is not the first time


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This is not the first time that these effects have occurred on Jupiter. In 1994, the planet collided with Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, but other impacts were recorded in July 2009, August 2020, March 2016 and March 2017. The planet does not experience these events because it does not have a solid surface so no crater is created. However, it is not excluded that the event left a trace in the atmosphere that can be observed for a few days from Earth and possibly also from NASA’s Juno probe. It orbits Jupiter, and if it’s in the right position, it could send us some close-up pictures.

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It would be just as different as this effect on Earth. Something of this magnitude can cause real devastation, as happened in Tunguska in 1908, when a similar meteorite caused an explosion similar to that of Hiroshima, destroying hundreds of hectares of forest, fortunately uninhabited. In the event of an inhabited center, the consequences would be dire, with thousands of deaths. Unfortunately, Earth does not yet have the technology to avoid such events, but scientists are working on creating a kind of space shield in the near future.