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A racist fan ends up in jail

A racist fan ends up in jail

A historic day in Great Britain, where for the first time he ended up in prison for racially abusing a footballer via social networks. The two-month prison sentence fell on the 50-year-old West Bromwich Albion fan, who tried to defend himself in court with an argument deemed unlikely.

A West Bromwich Albion fan Became the first person in Britain to end up in Prison to get it done Racial abuse of a football player Via social networks: The judge sentenced him to eight weeks in prison for a message he posted on Facebook in which he severely insulted his team’s midfielder Roman Sawers.

50-year-old Simon Selwood, the fan’s name, targeted Sawyers after the WBA’s 5-0 defeat to Manchester City last January, posting a racist message on a Facebook group called “Roman Sawyers – Golden Football.” Selwood wrote that the player should have won the “golden baboon.” In court he tried to defend himself by blaming the message on his mobile autocorrect: He would have written “Golden Idiot” less offensive. The two terms in English are “baboon” and “clown”. The judge found justification unlikely It stunned the masses, and thus celebrated a historic day in the UK, where there is zero tolerance for such abuses.

Silwood – That was it Banned for life from a WBA stadium He will spend half of his sentence behind bars. He was also ordered to pay £500 in compensation to the player, which Sawyers will donate to charity, and £500 in court costs. In the wake of the ruling, the 29-year-old Saint Kitts and Nevis midfielder urged other players to report all abuses they see online to the police and appealed to social media companies to do more to tackle racism on their platforms.

Racial abuse of anyone, under any circumstances, is completely unacceptable and I hope this case serves as a deterrent to others. – Sawers said – This incident affected me deeply, but I would encourage other players to report all racist abuse to the police. We must be strong together to free the game of football and society in general from this terrible behaviour. It is widely recognized that social media companies need to do more to stop spreading racism on their platforms. I urge them once again to take action to prevent anyone from receiving the abuse I have sufferedA few months in prison seems like a good first step in this battle that can be won at any cost.