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IO Interactive's Dragon Project will run for 10 years, according to

IO Interactive’s Dragon Project will run for 10 years, according to

According to a stray rumor compiled by Jez Corden of Windows Central, Dragon Project, the exclusive game that IO Interactive will develop for Microsoft as an Xbox / PC exclusive, will have a content schedule Decade. Translated into modern terms, we are talking about a live service which must evolve over time.

On paper we’re talking about a role-playing game focused on dragons, but according to Corden, it’s too early to talk about Play, as in the very early stages of development. What is known is that this is a very ambitious project with a connected medieval world dominated by ancient and powerful flying reptiles.

As it turns out, the new Barcelona-based IO Interactive studio will be working on Project Dragon, while studios in Malmö and Copenhagen will be working on new Hitman and Project 007.

Of course you have to think about who it is unofficial informationSo it should be taken with extreme caution. Furthermore, since Project Dragon is theoretically still in the very early stages of development, it is likely that much of what is currently on paper will be modified during production. So keep in mind that everything is in progress and very smooth.

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