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Il tempo previsto per i prossimi giorni

In the following days, Apocalypse4800 will set Italy on fire, and by Friday there will be suffering; Details »

Weather: In the next days, Apocalypse4800 sets fire to Italy, and by Friday there will be misery; details

Weather forecast for the next few daysIn Next days African Anti-Cyclone Front Apocalypse 4800 It will set a large part of our country on fire and cause many sufferings.

An exceptional new heat wave is on the horizon: This is confirmation from recent updates Weather forecast. Apocalypse4800, the most powerful African anti-cyclone of the summer of 2022, will, at least for now, greatly affect Italy with direct effects in many regions from the horizon. Weather forecastBoth from the same anal.
Apocalypse 4800 It is known for the exceptional contrasts it touches zero heat, At the top of Europe, Mont Blanc, not always so high, all the Alps are at risk of melting snow and glaciers.

The reason for this boiling anomaly is found in the specific synoptic configuration established in central-southern Europe: in technical terms “Omega Vol“. In short, this structure is blocked by two low-pressure centers located on its flanks (in the Atlantic Ocean, outside the Iberian Peninsula and the other in southeastern Europe) and looks at the “anticyclonic area”. For a long time a large area: the Omega block is now in regular heat waves and atmospheric movement during the summer months. A module is responsible.

The consequences, in addition to great heat, will be marked by an almost motionless weather. Lots of sunlight and with No rain Over most of our country. They will Exception The reliefs, At least until Friday the 22nd, there will be a chance for some, especially in the Alpine mountains Thunderstorm Hot in the afternoon.

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But its most important consequences African fire They will be on Temperature: Based on the subtropical origin of these air masses (from inside the Sahara desert) we expect a new and strong rise in thermal values, which will reach truly unusual peaks for our country and perhaps from it. Register.
But for more details on this, we invite you to follow the next updates.