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The release date will be announced closer to the launch date, says Phil Spencer –

The release date will be announced closer to the launch date, says Phil Spencer –

Phil Spencer I mentioned that release date to Go motorsports It will be announced as soon as we do closer to launch Effective, thus explaining why it wasn’t released to the public even during the Xbox Developer Direct event.

Forza Motorsport was one of the Developer Direct champions, but unlike other games out there, like Hi-Fi Rush, Redfall, and Minecraft Legends, as well as The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom, it was the only one that didn’t have an announced release date.

Indeed, paradoxically, the release period is even more ambiguous than before: while at E3 2022 it was practically reported that Forza Motorsport was expected by the end of June 2023, the new presentation moved the launch to a vague “2023”, which could mask the possibility of a delay. the match.

In a recent interview published by IGN, the head of Xbox mentioned that Turn 10 is working hard on the game, and that the release date will be revealed once we get closer to launch. In fact, this information remains undisclosed, given that the release period of the game is not specified at all.

“I know there were questions about the exit of Forza Motorsport, because we only talked about the year,” said Spencer. “But everyone probably knows the quality that Turn 10 puts into its series, historically, and that will also be in this title. That’s the most important thing, first of all, and then we’ll get to a specific date, no doubt when we’re about to go. We just wanted to. Reiterating that this is a 2023 match.”

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