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5 Perfect No-Christmas Destinations That Are Perfect For A Stress-Free Vacation

Not everyone has the desire to follow the traditions, to be drawn into the world of lights that the Christmas period generously offers. Some like to move away from this scenario and from places dominated by Santa Claus, elves and religious symbols that characterize this holiday. Well, for escapism lovers, we recommend five places where Christmas is not celebrated.

Marrakech (ph Pixabay)

Christmas escape: where to go and useful tips

Not all people like birthday And scattered around the world there are countries that adopt traditions and religions different from ours, ideal destinations for spending holidays. Christmas holidays Without having to carry the weight of Christmas routine.

Among these destinations Morocco, where December 25th is a normal business day. Indeed, the Islamic religion prevails in this country, which clearly does not include the Catholic Christian tradition. In this period, you can take advantage of excellent low-cost offers. Once you are here, you can do so Trips In the desert or immerse yourself in an imperial atmosphere like a city Marrakesh. In addition to Morocco we also refer to turkeywhich is another country in which the Islamic religion is spread, and it has wonderful cities such as Istanbul or DC AnkaraRich in millennium stories and traditions, it has always been regarded as a bridge between East and West. Don’t miss the Cotton Castle Pamukkalea UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A little more expensive to get to, but it’s definitely cool out there Thailandwhere many tourists go to spend Christmas in Bangkok Or to enjoy the heat and sea of ​​the tropics beaches white, Trips In the cave and guided visits to the temples. From one paradise to another: let’s talk about it the moldive Islands, a natural wonder with its atolls scattered across the Indian Ocean. Especially in the Black Friday period, you can find interesting offers for a trip Surrounded by nature and culture. Finally there Japanthe land of the rising sun, with many more city Interesting to visit including Tokyo or KyotoIt features Buddhist temples and classic Japanese-style houseboats set amidst bamboo and cherry blossom gardens.

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