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A landslide in Isiah, you dig in the mud. A 31-year-old man is dead and 11 people are missing. Mattarella and Meloni: Closer to the Victims – Chronicle

The body of a woman who drowned in the landslide that ravaged Casamichiola today has been identified. It will be a young woman 31 years old from Lako Ameno Whose details are yet to be officially released. So the body found may not be that of a Bulgarian woman as originally claimed. However, a Bulgarian woman is among the missing. The 31-year-old became the first official victim of the tragedy that rocked Ischia today.

A river full of mud and debris hit Casamichiola, a municipality on the island of Ischia, around 5 a.m. on November 26, killing one woman. 11 people are still missing and 13 are injured. One of them is in “slightly serious” condition. The damage is huge. As happened in November 2009, a landslide from Mount Epomeo, behind the island’s hamlet, carried boulders and debris, causing the collapse of at least 10 buildings. There are about 30 isolated families, with a total of 100 still unreached and without water and electricity. The road leading to their homes is now muddy and impassable.

Searches continue uninterrupted. Teams of volunteers are combing the island municipality’s mountainous terrain inch by inch. The area is lit by a generator set. Can’t say where they are yet. The raging waters threw dozens of cars into the sea, some parked near the harbor.

“There are families who don’t want to leave their homes – the provincial premier of Naples, Claudius Palomba – Perhaps out of fear of leaving, but they have to leave their homes, and for a short time, hopefully, he added.

The woman’s lifeless body was identified and recovered in Piazza Maio, one of the first areas hit by rescuers. In all likelihood the victim was an Eastern country citizen and married to an Ishia man at the time the landslide left her with no way out. About 70 fire brigade personnel are on the spot, along with civil defense personnel and police personnel, but difficult weather is also complicating rescue operations. A total of 20 vehicles like helicopters, drones and earthmoving equipment are being used. “About 200 people have been ordered to evacuate along with the prefecture and the region,” the interior minister announced. Matteo Piandedosi “A serious situation, people may still be under the mud,” said the spokesperson.

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A family with a newborn baby, first reported missing, has been found: All of them are safe and seek medical treatment.

Landslide areas Casamichiola and Piazza Bagni Harbor: Landslides from Mount Epomeo and mud avalanches destroyed vegetation and trees left the sides of the mountain. . At least a dozen cars and two tour buses piled up on the beach where the force of the landslide dragged them down. Some cars were submerged in water, others in mud. Even the sea in the harbor had changed color: it was browned by that muddy river that came down from the mountain. Things aren’t much better in the upper region, which was already injured by the 2017 earthquake. Bobcats move back and forth to remove debris. The regional civil defense has prepared generators that can be turned on to allow searches even in the dark. However, 100 blocks are still without electricity and water, unreachable by rescuers. Meanwhile, hoteliers and restaurants have offered their willingness to provide hospitality and food to displaced people and rescuers. A Municipal Operations Center was inaugurated at the temporary seat of the Municipality. A search is also underway on the island for public structures such as gymnasiums and schools to temporarily house the homeless. The president of the Campania region, Vicenzo de Luca, is calling for a “state of emergency for the island of Ischia and the territories affected by these catastrophic atmospheric events”. Tonight’s premiere at the Teatro San Carlo has been canceled as a sign of “respect and intimacy”.

The Cabinet Tomorrow, Sunday 27 November 2022, at 11.00 at the Palazzo Sigi, convenes to examine the following agenda: – Declaration of a state of emergency as a result of the exceptional weather events that began on the territory of the island of Ischia on 26 November 2022.

Macron calls Meloni
French President Emmanuel Macron He spoke to the Prime Minister Georgia Meloney and expressed his support and solidarity after the dramatic events on the island of Ischia. This was reported by the sources of Elysium.

Salvini, “Eight confirmed dead” warning from the governor
“There have been eight confirmed deaths,” the infrastructure and transport minister said Matthew Salvini But the principal of Naples Palomba is cautious.
“At the moment there is news of one victim, definitely confirmed, and a dozen more missing”, says the mayor of Naples instead, Gietano Manfredi. “The situation is very complicated“These are people in the mud and not responding to calls,” said the Home Minister. Matteo Piandedosi, responded from the fire brigade’s operations room at Tg2, from where he follows the rescue operations for the landslide in Casamichiola. “For the shelter of the people affected by the landslide, in collaboration with the region, we are making arrangements to evacuate about 200 people who need to be rescued,” the interior minister said.

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The ship San Giorgio arrives
The Navy’s ship San Giorgio, with personnel from the San Marco Battalion and an SH90 helicopter aboard, travels to access the Falgreen Islands from the Ionian Sea in case of employment requirements. “Defense consists of the helicopters that brought firefighters to Ischia today, which go to get people, which re-parks a ship in front of the island of Avi, because it is ready to welcome people or injured people if necessary,” said the Minister of Defense. Guido CrocetoOn the sidelines of an event.

Summit in the province
During the summit held in the Provincial Assembly, ‘Prime Minister, Georgia Meloney wanted to confirm the situation”. During the CCS meeting, it was reported by the prefect of Naples, Claudio Palomba, underlining that the Minister of the Interior Piantedosi also joined the video. The government is ready to do its part after Isiah’s tragedy. This was stated by Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, who left the headquarters of the Civil Defense – ANSA learns., the video-link with the operations team of the Recovery Coordination Center set up in the province of Naples was long. The Prime Minister made the comments alongside Civil Defense Chief Guercio, Mayors of Issia, Campania Governor De Luca, Interior Minister Piantedosi and Foreign Minister Tajani. Georgia Meloni has promised to alert all ministers to an urgent cabinet meeting. Extraordinary, an international specialty. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni described the Italian civil defense – ANSA learns – thanks to its ability to respond to many emergencies in Italy. The prime minister was video linked by the civil defense to the operation team of the rescue coordination center set up in the province of Naples, the nerve center of the rescue after the Ischia tragedy.

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Mattarella near the affected population
President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, called the mayor of the city of Naples to express his closeness to the people affected by the landslide, to express his gratitude for the rescue efforts and to confirm the progress of the relief work. Manfredi thanked the head of state for always being close to the city and its community.

Bad weather on the island of Ischia, Casamicciola landslide

Adverse weather makes conditions even more complicated Rescue operations in light of sea force 11 This slows down the arrival of men and equipment from Naples and Pozzuoli: for this reason Defense Minister Croceto announced the contribution of the armed forces to the relief efforts.

The mayors of Green Island are calling on citizens not to move and to stay in their homes. Doctors at Rizzoli Hospital in Ischia remained on duty this morning. The island’s medical residents also came to help those injured in the Casamichiola landslide. Many testimonies from the island. “In the middle of the night it started to rain heavily – says Lisa Mosciaro, an illustrator of children’s books, now an inmate in the house on the third floor of the house in Casamichiola -. From three o’clock we began to hear the roar. The first landslide came. Down, then another around 5. Impressive thing, maybe the 2009 flood. Worse than and as terrible as the 2017 earthquake”. Controversy Weakness of the territory due to “great sorrows”, Minister Tajani recalled. In the past sixteen years, the affected area today has been the scene of two landslides and an earthquake.

Landslides and disappearances in Isia