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10 Video Games That Tell America’s Story

10 Video Games That Tell America’s Story

It is the dream of all people who grew up eating bread and butter to visit America American culture, but realizing it is not within everyone’s reach. Here is a gallery 10 United States Themed Video Games To understand their lights – glittering metropolises and hilarious extravagances – but above all their shadows, between social injustices, racism and provincial divisions. from From Los Angeles to New York CityFrom Seattle to New Orleans, we thought of a tour in pixels. Different historical periodsExploring a culture that has influenced and influenced the rest of the world for over a century.

10 Video Games in America

In “planning” this itinerary Made in USAWe thought of works that recreated American history without being exclusively tied to historical experiences, such as the legendary The Oregon Trail—a textual adventure that was later graphic and applied. Teaching tool In elementary schools in the United States.

The tour begins in Boston Independence RevolutionRevealed through a post-apocalyptic perspective Fall 4 (the series as it is now known thanks to the Amazon Prime Video TV series), then continues at the end of Far West Red Dead Redemption II and embrace the twentieth century The Mafia Trilogy. Then there is no famine journeys on the roadAs proposed Life is strange 2 e Kentucky Route Zero. The result is a selection of more or less recent titles, often in remastered or remake versions, for ease of use and aimed at multiplatform (although PlayStation 5 exclusive).

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For those who have the desire and time to learn about video games that are capable of exploring and portraying original and complex themes, we’ve rounded up 10 titles that deal with the theme of grief and 10 video games in general that make people tear up. Our hearts are in a thousand pieces. Finally, for a comprehensive overview of the most interesting titles of the moment, there is our selection with the best video games of 2024.

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