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WhatsApp, if this message appears, here’s what you should do

WhatsApp, if this message appears, here’s what you should do

WhatsApp, this is the system to remove the “Waiting for message. It may take some time” message that appears in case of an error

WhatsApp, if this message appears, here’s what to do –

Even those who use it WhatsApp For many years, it may occasionally encounter abnormal situations that can confuse the user. Some aspects of this popular messaging app are not entirely clear. These are gray areas and it is good to focus on them to clarify them. In this guide we will talk about writing.Waiting for message. It may take some time“Which sometimes comes up when we talk in groups, explaining what to do when you find yourself in that situation.

“Waiting for message. It may take a while” is posted when the application is unable to decipher the contents of the message. Use Crittografia from end to end Which protects the privacy of conversations, and relies strictly on encrypting the message itself, both incoming and outgoing. When the recipient’s phone fails to decrypt it due to the key present at both points, WhatsApp is unable to read it. That is why this writing appears.

This can happen when a user has not logged in for a while and receives a message that was sent a long time ago. This can also happen when the user reinstalls WhatsApp on another device. In this case it may happen that Encryption key It does not match when running the app on a new phone. WhatsApp’s multi-device mode can also cause encryption errors. In other cases it can be as well insect The reason for everything.

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How to fix this bug on your phone

In most cases, this problem gets resolved automatically as it is a simple matter Encryption. That’s why the best thing you can do is ignore the message and wait patiently until everything resolves itself. If this does not happen, the user will have to activate the WhatsApp update to the latest version. To do this, just open it Google Play Store On Android and go to the available updates section in play store Then check for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp guide
WhatsApp Guide This message can be deleted by following this procedure –

If yes, we update and the issue will be resolved. If the message in question appears on WhatsApp WebAll you have to do is disconnect the device and then reconnect it again, so WhatsApp can re-download all messages and decrypt them again. In this case, you need to open the three-dot menu and click Disconnect. Then we scan QR code Which will appear on the screen from the Connected Devices section.

What to do if the problem is not resolved

If all of these solutions prove unsuccessful because they don’t solve the problem, the best thing is to create a solution Backup Messages in the cloud and reinstall WhatsApp. During setup and login, we restore the backup and check if messages downloaded correctly. Most often, with this procedure, the problem is solved at the root.