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“Don’t accept it as unseen, check it” from Modena newspaper

“Don’t accept it as unseen, check it” from Modena newspaper

Modena. By sending 730 pre-packaged ads The season has officially begun Tax revenues.

So it is worth emphasizing what to pay attention to during assembly. We do this with help Saverio CorsettiOperator Cav Siegel.

What checks can you accept by accepting a pre-collected return?

“All information in the possession of the Revenue Agency is protected from official controls, those relating to documents, which verify the existence of expenditure or income, but not from those relating to legislation or non-declarations. For some expenses, certain requirements are necessary to be able to deduct/deduct them, or data may be missing or incorrect in the previously compiled form. The most obvious example of this may be expenses for dependent children that are deducted by both parents. These can be present in both pre-assembled forms, but only one can clip them in.”

What are the most common mistakes to be careful of?

«It is necessary not to accept the form prepared in advance uncritically and to have basic knowledge of tax matters, in order to avoid penalties or loss of due deductions or deductions. In addition to errors for dependent children, the most common errors may relate to data not in the previously compiled form. For example, if a single certificate is not submitted correctly, or if the data is submitted to the Revenue Agency after the required deadline for automatic inclusion in the pre-compiled form, or for construction bonus deductions, it is automatically present only in the status of residential work. Or to deduct interest on the mortgage for the first home, in the event of obtaining a loan with a value greater than the value of the property, in addition to complying with regulatory requirements, it is necessary to remeasure. The interest will be deducted from the cost of the house instead of the mortgage amount. Those with multiple jobs must pay attention to data on working days for deductions from job work or self-employment. If the two jobs overlap on one day, this should only be counted once. So pay attention.”

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What about timing?

“There are no problems as you have until September 30 to file the 730, and there are no intermediate deadlines. The only people who need to pay attention are those who do not have a withholding agent and therefore must pay the taxes themselves. They will have to do this by 30 June using F24 forms, otherwise, from that date until the end of July, they will be able to pay for an additional charge of 0.40% of the tax due. But after July, they will be subject to sanctions.”

What do you risk with a 730 error?

“Nothing changes whether you make a mistake by accepting the precompiled/simplified version or by modifying the parameter. If you try to deduct an expense unjustifiably, the penalty will be equal to 30% of the unpaid tax, which you still have to pay. The worst mistake is not declaring the source of income, which may result in fines that can range, depending on the type of income, from 90% of the tax due (for example: income from work for which it was not present (one certificate in the return) up to Maximum 240% of the tax due on rental income with a flat tax.”

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