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Youth4Climate, activists occupy Piazza Avari in Milan: tents in front of the Italian Stock Exchange

Youth4Climate, activists occupy Piazza Avari in Milan: tents in front of the Italian Stock Exchange

Tents in Piazza Avari in Milan. activists Climate Justice Platform Tonight they occupied the square where Italian Stock Exchange: They intend to spend the night there. In front of the bag’s entrance, they raised a sign that read:Stop green washing“Rise Up for Climate Justice.”

There are about seventy boys who occupied the square. Demonstrators coming from the climate camp were held in Sports Center April 25‘, they showed up with 15 small tents and two larger ones and intended to spend the night in front of the Italian Stock Exchange building. The situation is under control, there are state police and local police officers on the spot. The square that houses the stock exchange’s headquarters has been defined by on Facebook as “the national symbol for that.” financial capitalism which historically contributes to ecological devastation and an unequal distribution of wealth.” The initiative, it has been emphasized, is a continuation of this morning’s Pre-Cop blocks, which ran all day. Ursugrel At all entrances to the stock exchange building dozens of tents were erected throughout the square, to makecampingActivists say they will remain on the streets indefinitely.

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