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"The Salvini and Morrissey case? I don't feel like doing that" - Libero Quotidiano

“The Salvini and Morrissey case? I don’t feel like doing that” – Libero Quotidiano

Giuseppe Conte intervened in contact with Paulo Del Dipio Opening on Thursday, September 30th face and back, broadcast as usual on Rete4. Among the various topics covered, the new leader of the 5-Star Movement also answered a question about the status of Luca Morrissey, former Director of Communications at Matteo Salvini. The latter finds himself obliged to shovel the mountains of mud that rain on him, as if responsible for the private life of one of his assistants.

And in fact, Conte’s words are logical: “The story is about Morrissey and I don’t feel like using a politician to attack Salvini. I want to argue with him about some of his inappropriate political stances, regardless of the Morrissey case. Just as I want to discuss with Giorgia Meloni some incomprehensible and irresponsible behavior, which was above all in the most difficult moment of the epidemic when I was at the head of the government.”

The former Prime Minister also touched on the subject of the administrative elections, which will be his first real political test: “Don’t worry, just a lot of enthusiasm and energy brought back to me by the people I met. I’ve traveled all over Italy and it was nice to talk to people again, And we all have to do this, especially those of us who have a political responsibility. To start in the right way, you have to understand the needs and moods of the people.”

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