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What will happen on July 1st?

What will happen on July 1st?

The road to pension reform is an uphill battle. There is little news. The Draghi government, which had outlined in the “Preface” of the last economic and financial document the utmost willingness to identify solutions with the goal of flexibility in leaving while staying strictly within the contribution system, is reluctant to compare on social security. The schedule to open the way in a structural way to new channels for early retirement has not yet been opened, despite pressure from unions. The 102nd stake will almost certainly stop on December 31st (possibility to leave with at least 64 years and 38 contributions). “You cannot stay on scaffolding for up to 67 years,” repeated in recent days the leader of the CIS, Luigi Spara. If there is a thick fog about the reform, it is now certain that the pension will be “maximum” instead in July for those who have already left work for some time, are entitled to a monthly allowance and meet certain requirements.

The bonus of 200 euros (here’s everything you need to know) will go to a large audience of pensioners, almost comparable in number to the number of employees: about 13.7 million holders of one or more pension schemes with a total annual income of not more than 35 thousand euros in 2022. Pensioners will go , in their hands, to about 40% of the 6.5 billion allocated to the 200-euro grant now known. The mechanism of exchange is always automatic for the bonus of 200 euros: in practice, no requests are made, that is, no requests should be made. INPS will make all necessary checks, if the excess amounts are paid, and are not due, then the undue payment will be initiated within the next year for income information by the Institute.

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So the July 1, 2022 pension entitlement will be an extraordinarily high salary: for 4 million retirees, a “maximum”, a breath of fresh air will be most welcome as inflation is accelerating. In fact, many retirees, in addition to the retirement rate and a bonus of 200 euros, will receive the so-called fourteenth. The fourteenth, we remind you, goes to those who have an annual personal income of less than 13659.88 euros. The figure is by no means the same for everyone: the “additional annual amount” changes according to the years of contributions paid (with different criteria for employees and the self-employed), from 437 to 655 euros for pensioners aged 64 or over Individual income less than 1.5 times the amount Minimum pension (€525.38), which equates to a total of €10244.91 per year. For pensioners over 64 years of age whose per capita income is between one and a half and two times the “minimum treatment” and, therefore, less than 13659.88 euros in total per year, the fourteenth “weight” varies between 336 and 504 euros.

Since April, pensions have been paid starting from the first day of the month also at post offices, not in advance as was the case since the start of the Covid pandemic, two years ago. The same procedure was also performed in May. So he confirmed changing the rules from now on. Since the end of the state of emergency on March 31, 2022, Poste Italiane has announced that the calendar of regular pension payments has been restored from the first day of the month. In May, for calendar reasons, it is clear that payments did not start from the first of the month. May 1 fell on a Sunday, therefore, pensions were paid to the post office “only” from Monday, May 2. As for June and July, the day of pension payment at the post office is the first day of the month.

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