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“You’re a low-league woman,” Ida Platano slashed directly by her

“You’re a low-league woman,” Ida Platano slashed directly by her

The last episode of men and women It was very mobile, mainly due to Ida Platano. The lady went to the center of the studio to explain her position regarding the acquaintance she is making with Alessandro. Every day, it’s conceivable that the two don’t have a good time: their story is full of twists and turns. The problems they worry about seem important and endless. But during their confrontation yesterday, Armando Encarnato came to the defense of his dear friend Eda, attacking Platano’s fiancé with dangerous and subtle accusations. The situation seemed almost paradoxical because those present sided with two real factions for or against checkers. Apparently, Tina Cipolari, a popular columnist who gives a hilarious daily on dating show De Filippi, was very critical of Ida, and she didn’t shy away from overly upset statements.

In order, here’s what happened. After the first major clash between the lady and the knight, the hero of the episode, Armando intervenes with these heartfelt words: “I think he’s using your character.”. At that moment, to respond before anyone else could do that, it was Tina who immediately lined up against Ida, with words that were probably too powerful: “But can you defend the person you’re dating or not? You are a humble woman. But who is Armando your teacher who looks at him with pleasure? Look, you have my own a**a.” Then, Cipollari also turned her attention to Armando, noting something not entirely clear in his behavior: “But you have to be calm. What do you care about? Do you have an interest in Ida? But it really changes direction.”.

Concluding with a flourish, Platano also wanted to have her say by turning to her knight to divert attention back to the couple. In fact, he asked: “But what is he doing with me?”. Asked in Ida’s legitimate opinion, with continued negative judgments towards her by the man she meets. Everything degenerated from this question from the lady and led to another, more fierce quarrel between her and Alessandro who, however, steered clear of the studio. The woman in particular emphasized that she did not defend him from Armando’s harsh accusations, and did not stand by him against Tina Cipolari and her “heartbreaking” statements. An exchange of fire for a mutual reprimand puts the continuation of their bond in the balance.

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