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Elon Musk reviews his plans for Mars: a human landing near the 1930s

Elon Musk reviews his plans for Mars: a human landing near the 1930s

to run 2016 when Elon Musk was on stage International Astronautical Congress In Mexico, he revealed to the world his plan to colonize Mars. We have two paths – She said -. Stay on Earth and enjoy the moment of mass extinction, or evolve into a multi-planetary species”. On that occasion, South Africa also gave a date and time horizon Which human race could have set foot on the red planet: 2024ad.

Two years after that deadline, SpaceX Among the steps I took: Musk provided some encouraging updates last month On Starshipthe rocket that will take man to the moon and Mars, but it is clearly progressing They weren’t fast enough The promise made six years ago must be honored. In short, in the year 2024, no human being will be able to roam the Red Planet, and we will have to continue to appreciate discoveries cleverness And the perseverance still for a while” (Here are the most important stages of their year of residence on Mars).

about At least another seven years There are no human missions to Mars. Musk’s new expectation/promise comes without major posters or ads: “2029” He replied nervously on Twitter to an account that teased him about the subject, asking him what his expectation was. Landed on the Moon in 1969, on Mars in the year 20_?. after sixty years According to Musk, a man can write records again. Net other delays and consequent rescheduling of course.