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You Understand Everything - Libero Quotidiano

You Understand Everything – Libero Quotidiano

George Soros He puts his hand in his wallet. Hungarian philanthropist replenishes Democrats’ coffers ahead of the US midterm elections. A cute nest egg arrived from Soros Fund Management in New York, where we’re talking about $128.4 million. Among Lenders – Explains Truth and business – there he is Richard Olin which allocated more than 80.7 million dollars. Third place in the ranking of funders of this election Kenneth Cordell Griffinfounder and president of the international hedge fund Citadel LLC.

But the rich don’t just vote for the left. Elon Muskfounder of Tesla and Space X and now owner of Twitter, with his tweet appealed to “independent voters,” because “common power prevents the worst excesses of both parties, so I recommend voting for Republican CongressGiven that the presidency is democratic.” In any case, the funding from Soros should not surprise us.

For years, the philanthropist paid millions of dollars, but that number never reached this year. In 2020, it was in the 35th place among lenders with $9.2 million, in 2018 it was in the seventh place with $20.1 million and in 2016 it was in the twelfth place with $22.1 million. Soros fears a crushing defeat for him Joe Biden? possible. Opinion polls will confirm this. Given the average of the measurements computed by Real clear policythe Democrats will be behind the Republicans, who already hold 227 seats against the required majority of 218.

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