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"You insult me", ending very badly - Libero Quotidiano

“You insult me”, ending very badly – Libero Quotidiano

Piero Armentivery famous travel blogger De “My Trip to New York”, he had a heated confrontation with his fans who follow him on social media. One of his recent posts seems to have sparked a lot of controversy. After a trip to Iceland, shortly before returning to New York, Armenti posted a video with a rather curious comment: “Before leaving for New York, at 11 pm, we had a great craving for sushi, and we paid for it with money. Facebook He gives us for every insult we receive. Go on, this way I will pay for my next vacation.”

It didn’t take long for some users to respond: “However, when you write these posts, and you’re not the only one, you lose points and make a bad impression. Obviously people are in a period like this where most have to waivers , She is angry and even spouts like that. Instead of giving these overbearing answers, try instead to think about how privileged you are now and try to understand and cover up comments that contradict you. That would be the smartest thing. But as other gentlemen have said you are born, you do not become even with all the privileges in the world. And be warned that there are other characters around who understand the mini-game and compete with you, it won’t take much for you to stop eating sushi,” one user commented.

there replies D’Armente arrived immediately: “Indeed we are flying, and I personally enjoy every second of my life, knowing that I am not as lucky as you say, but the one who left his homeland amid the tears of his parents, went to a foreign country and started from scratch like five million other Italians, He fought an unknown language, and slowly, chewing several bitter pills, managed to get some satisfaction, and now I enjoy the right reward. They like to insult do the same and may take away some satisfaction. Insult on Facebook leads nowhere. Anyway, insults Don’t bother me, it’s time people use to interact with me, that’s what matters. And now I’m off to get ready to travel in a few days again.” Really tough fight.

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