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Francesco Ciofalo in hospital, Drusilla Gucci: “It was not clear”

Francesco Ciofalo in hospital, Drusilla Gucci: “It was not clear”

A warning message, then silence: “What a disaster, I can’t see well anymore.” Francesco Chiofalo In these hours, he keeps his many fans in suspense (he has 1.7 million followers on Instagram alone), who are waiting to know the health condition of the influencer after the illness he suffered yesterday morning, when he was taken to the hospital. Ambulance In the hospital for reasons that are not yet clear, but may be attributed toEye surgery Which he underwent a few weeks ago. However, it’s not just Chiofalo’s simple fans who are waiting for updates Drusilla GucciHis girlfriend, who in turn Groping in the dark Without knowing the health condition of his partner.

How to update Francesco Chiofalo and Drusilla Gucci

The heiress of the Gucci group and former contestant on Celebrity Island 2021, has been romantically linked to Francesco Ciofalo since 2021 and since then their relationship has continued to have ups and downs. The latter made headlines last April due to his decision to undergo surgery A delicate (and very expensive) procedure to change eye colorThen his irises – normally brown – turned bright blue. Chiofalo said afterward that he was very happy with the outcome of the operation, but he had felt ill a few hours earlier and with a series of stories posted on Instagram he recounted his journey in the ambulance to the hospital live. The former contestant of La Pupa e il Secchione, who in the past also appeared on Canale 5 temptation island, He did not provide further details about the reasons that led him to be admitted to the hospital, nor did he subsequently provide his fans with updates about his health condition after doctors intervened. He contented himself with recording everything in a series of clips in which he appeared. He says annoyed phrases to the rescuers: “I want to throw myself, I’m so nervous, agitated. What a disaster, damn it. I can’t even see well…”. A disturbing and unclear situation prompted his friend Drusilla Gucci to intervene, who reappeared this afternoon on social media, saying that she… Upset and confused Regarding the nature of the health problem suffered by Francesco, who suffered from a brain tumor in 2019:

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“Many of you ask me how Francesco is. I am worried. I have no idea what he was like, how he is now and the seriousness of the situation,” were the comments on social media from Drusilla to those who asked her for news about Francesco Ciofalo. “I could not understand if he had a serious eye problem or something else. Or if they admitted him to the hospital or not – admitted the granddaughter of the founder of the well-known fashion house – I realized what happened through his stories because precisely at the time he was sick I was on the plane Returning to Florence from London and I missed the calls and tried to call him again and again, and in the end he answered me, but he was not clear and was shocked, so it was not very clear that I would go to Rome to check myself, and I hope with all my heart that he is okay and that it is not serious Or unsolvable.