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Russia, TASS in orbit on the space station

Russia, TASS in orbit on the space station

TASS opens a correspondence office aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Director General of the Russian News Agency, Sergei Mikhailov, and Director of the Roscosmos Space Agency, Dmitry Rogozin, signed a memorandum of cooperation two days after the Moscow missile test in which an outdated Soviet satellite was destroyed in a few tens of kilometers. away from the inhabited structure.

The first correspondent from space will be cosmonaut and hero of Russia Alexander Misorkin. Its mission will be to provide news, accompanied by photos and videos, about the daily routine aboard the orbital station, where four American astronauts, two Russians and one German, now live.

“TASS is trying to be wherever there is breaking news. Before we are limited to our own planet. TASS is present in all regions of Russia and in 60 countries of the world. And in the next few years its presence in the world will increase. We believe that space may be the target of our expansion,” said Mikhailov. Mysorkin will depart on a mission to the International Space Station on December 8 with Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and his assistant Yuzu Hirano. (continuous)

Mikhailov added: “Our cooperation with Roscosmos crystallized quickly and harmoniously. It is a great honor for us to consider the Russian cosmonauts to be our colleagues.” The project, specifically Rogozin, is the disclosure of Russian space activities. Astronauts will be able to share their first-hand experience.”

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