Sunday, July 21, 2024

World Epilepsy Day. Media event on board the Elio ship


A day of information and awareness about epilepsy, which residents of the Central Strait suffer from.

Today the specialists of the “Gaetano Martino” clinic will be on board the ship Elio for an initiative carried out in collaboration with the Caronti & Tourist Group and the Italian League Against Epilepsy Sicily-Calabria (LICE) to celebrate World Epilepsy Day.

Anyone passing through the strait will have the opportunity from 3.20pm to 8.40pm to learn more about this disease: kits will be distributed and they will be able to take part in an information/information quiz. Characteristic of the union between Sicily and Calabria, represented figuratively by the extent of the sea it crosses; So much so that on this occasion the Calabrian Edifice will be illuminated in purple to highlight this theme.

This event is promoted by the Pediatric Neuropsychiatry Unit, directed by Prof. Gabriela De Rosa, and the Neuropathophysiology and Movement Disorders Unit, led by Prof. Angelo Labate, in collaboration with the Neurology Unit of the Gom of Reggio Calabria and the Sicilian Society of Epilepsy (Aspe) headed by Pietro Guerrera.

On board the plane were Dr. Maria Spano and Caterina Sfiro, specialists in pediatric neuropsychiatry, and Professor Angelina Lagana, a neurologist. The crossings will be activated with musical entertainment from the Punta Onda complex.

to'Epilepsy It is a neurological disease characterized by its persistence Seizures. It is one of the most prevalent chronic neurological diseases, so much so that it has been recognized as a social disease by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1965. Lack of knowledge hampers, even by State and Territories, the allocation of adequate resources and recognition of the need for specific policies and programs to address the burden of epilepsy. . The aim is to improve levels of knowledge about epilepsy in all sectors of society.

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